Denver, Colorado Wedding

Kelsey and I have known each other since high school. Which doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but when you start counting years… it begins to add up… I was over the moon excited to be able to not only celebrate their wedding, but be there to photograph it! As sad as I am that they don’t live in Tucson anymore, I love that we have a place to stay in Colorado ;)

I love that every detail about this wedding totally reflected Kelsey and Mike’s personalities. It was such a relaxed day, with nothing but love and excitement filling the air. And lot of fun - especially with their wedding party and families! Kelsey and Mike - I am beyond happy that you two found each other. You are truly the perfect match and I’m so thankful I get to say that I was a small part of such am amazing day.

Venue: Evergreen Red Barn in Evergreen, Colorado

Merry Christmas!

It's always entertaining when you try to take your own family pictures! I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

M Family

Watching families grow may be one of the best parts about this job. Seeing Jordan and Grey get married, welcome their first baby to their family, and now she's practically a toddler--it's so fun! And goes by so fast!

Colorado Engagement Session

My husband and I were able to spend a weekend up in Denver with Kelsey and Mike, catching up, exploring Colorado, and taking their engagement pictures! We spent an entire night watching old videos we all made in high school. They will never see the light of day, but it was SO fun! We can't wait for their wedding!

D Family

This was probably the most fun I've ever had during a session! These guys are like my second family, and spending any amount of time with this clan is always a blast!

Forest Highlands Flagstaff, Arizona Wedding

I had the honor of photographing this day for this wonderful couple in Flagstaff. Their ceremony was so beautiful, the reception a blast, and anything with a mountain-y backdrop is always going to be amazing!

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch Wedding

I was lucky enough to second shoot a wedding with the amazing Lexi Moody Photography at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch here in Tucson. Everything was so beautiful--the venue, the details, the couple... all swoon worthy! 

L Family | Expecting

I am beyond stoked to be sharing these images with you guys! Katie and Brendan (so graciously) allowed me to be their wedding photographer years ago. This was oh so gracious of them because it was my first wedding EVER. They had more faith in me than I did in myself, and it's because of such sweet friends like them that I'm at this point in my journey!

Katie was in town for her baby shower (yay!), so this shoot was super spontaneous! Like literally I asked if they were free later that day to take pictures, type of spontaneous. Of course it was cloudy, and even rained, for the hour that we were shooting but they let me play with some film and boy was it worth it! You guys are going to be such amazing parents--I'm SO excited for you!

Phoenix, Arizona Wedding Portraits

Back in October I was able to attend The Unveiled Workshop hosted by Daniel Kim and Charity Maurer, and styled by Lara Kreutner from Sealed With A Kiss. I'm so excited to share the second part to that workshop with you all! YAY! This adorable couple makes the desert look pretty romantic! (Check out part one here!)

Hosts: Daniel Kim & Charity Maurer | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Stylist & Planner: Sealed With A Kiss Events | Floral Designer: Carte Blanche | Dress Designer: Watters WToo | Rentals: Tremaine Ranch | Hair & Makeup Artist: Pearl's Beauty | Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy | Bridal Salon: Bella Lily Bridal


I can not believe it has taken so long to post these because this is hands down one of my favorite sessions (with one of my favorite people!). Sara is graduating from Lubbock Christian University in May with an Education degree. She's basically amazing and all the schools need to hire her! So excited for you Sara!

El Chorro Wedding in Paradise Valley, Arizona

As the best birthday present in the WORLD, Tyler sent me to a film photography workshop in October hosted by the one and only Daniel Kim & Charity Maurer and styled by the wonderful Lara Kreutner. I learned so much, and got a chance to make some really wonderful friends that luckily live near by! It was such a great experience and it has been so fun learning the craft of film. I'd say about 90% of these images are film! 

Hosts: Daniel Kim Photography & Charity Maurer Photography / Venue: El Chorro / Coordination & Design: Sealed With A Kiss Events / Floral Design: Carte Blanche / Hair & Makeup: Pearl’s Beauty / Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy / Cake: Ruze Cake House / Furniture Rentals: Glamour & Woods / Rugs & Details: Tremaine Ranch / Linen: La Tavola / Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dress: Bella Lily Bridal / Getting Ready Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar / Tuxedo: The Black Tux / Models: The Agency AZ

S Family

I absolutely LOVE doing sessions where there's multiple generations! I think it is so amazing and special to be able to capture a family with a baby and their great-grandparents. Not only that, but boy does this particular bunch hold a special place in my heart! 

J Family

I like to think that I have extra mojo with Henry. I mean, I was college roomies with his mama and in their wedding… that’s gotta count for something?! I’m pretty sure every time I see Jordyn we always have a conversation about how crazy it is that we’re, like… adults. And that she and Eric have a baby! It truly does seem like yesterday we were hanging out at our condo, sitting on our “porch” with our big gulps, trying to not get caught ogling at the firefighters that were in our complex for whatever reason. Married with children, we’d probably still do the same… I am so grateful to have friends like this wonderful family! 

M Family

It is seriously the BEST when I get to stick with my clients through all of life's exciting adventures. I photographed Jordan and Grey's wedding a few years back, and here we are again, but with a new family member. Madeline. I mean the name alone makes your heart swell. She is so sweet and adorable and I just wanted to cuddle with her the entire time (I'm not gonna lie, there was quite a bit of snuggling... babies just smell so good). Don't we all wish we were as attractive as this family...

Flagstaff, Arizona Engagement Session

I may be a little biased... but is there really anything more romantic than love in the mountains?? I think not. Danielle & Todd's Flagstaff engagement session was a dream. They are THE cutest, and the setting was so beautiful! I also realized that I am way too out of shape (a twenty minute flat hike definitely should not have caused me to be that out of breath...). I am SO excited to capture their wedding next year!!

Our Intimate Mt. Lemmon Wedding

Guys… they’re here… our wedding pictures! Holy moly I cannot even describe what an amazing job Daniel Kim did. He is the bomb and everyone needs to hire him to document their entire life. But for real…

Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. People always say that it goes by so quickly you can hardly remember any of it. Quite the opposite—I remember it all so clearly! Tyler and I got breakfast together in the morning. Talking about the weather with your soon to be husband seems like it would leave something to be desired… but not if it may rain on your wedding day (which it did…)! I went back to my house to meet my mom and sister. Of course we had JLo’s Wedding Planner playing in the back (how could you not?). I worked on my hair and makeup while some of my closest friends hung out and reassured me it wasn’t a mistake to do my own hair, and that it totallyyyy wasn't going to rain (we all knew it probably would...).

We got up to the mountain (after painfully following a mini van of tourists going 10 miles per hour), and about five minutes after Tyler and I finished our “first look” pictures it started to rain…like hard. Like not just a sprinkle, like really hard. Now, those who know me know that the words “control freak” do not offend me—I proudly fly that flag. However, sitting in the car with my almost husband (and DK!) was so fun and relaxing, I couldn’t control the rain so there was no point in stressin’. Meteorologist Kevin (aka, my dad…who is not actually a meteorologist, but could totally be if he wanted to. He's the MacGyver of our family) kept a close eye on the Doppler radar. Our ceremony was supposed to start at 3:30 and at about 3:40 it stopped raining (just as he predicted). We all piled out and the show began! I’m not going to lie, it was pretty chilly up there. I was shivering, but only 40% from the cold, and 60% because I was having to stand in front of people. Tyler kept saying (like a ventriloquist, which we’re both very bad at…) “Let me give you my jacket!” To which I would reply trying to not move my lips, “No, I’m fine, I don’t want your jacket in our wedding pictures…” I think this exchange happened at least three times. Hey, beauty is pain… and sometimes cold. But also I have a very sweet and caring husband :)

As soon as I got to kiss my Mr. it started sprinkling. So with out skipping a beat, we jumped in our cars!

Our reception was perfect. It was at Blanco, and I have to say my new best friend (one of the managers there, Renee) did a perfect job getting everything set up and exactly where it needed to be! It was so fun and relaxing just getting to hang out with everyone who came, and feel all of the love and support.

It was so perfect, and I can’t relay enough how grateful we are to have had Daniel Kim capture it all so perfectly! Our parents and siblings made the day happen so seamless and smooth (and fun!)—we’re just too blessed!

But what's really most important out of all of this is the fact that I got to marry the man of my dreams! Spending (almost) the entire day with him is something I'll never forget. Every little girl pictures what their wedding is going to be like, but when you're standing in front of your closest family and friends holding hands with the love of your life--you can't beat that (even in your imagination). I am one lucky lady--Tyler is the most thoughtful, caring, kind, handsome and a thousand other wonderful adjectives that certainly don't do justice in describing just how wonderful he is and how deeply he loves me, and I love him! Getting to spend the rest of my life alongside my best friend is such a blessing, and I am so thankful that God placed Tyler in my life. 

Enjoy these snippets of our wonderful day!




Photography: Daniel Kim Photography | Dress: BHLDN | Venue: Mt. Lemon | Reception: Blano Tacos & Tequila  | Hair & Makeup: the bride | Earrings & Bracelet: Kendra Scott | Bouquet & Arch Florals: my sweet friend Stephanie Colan | Calligraphy on Seating Chart: my wonderful friend Nichole Lewkowski |  99% of everything else was DIY by my amazing family and friends!

ALSO! If you're family or friends who were at the wedding, and want to buy any prints or download any, click HERE! Then text me for the password! Or Tyler, but let's be honest... ;)



Our Engagement Session

I LITERALLY can't stop drooling over our engagement pictures... We were beyond lucky to have the crazy talented Daniel Kim take them (& have him for our wedding!), & I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! It was so nice up on Mt. Lemmon & super fun considering that's where it all started for us. Today marks one month until I get to be this man's wife, and I couldn't be more excited (or impatient!). These are just a few of our favorites!

Rustic & Charming Phoenix, Arizona Wedding

Last week I was able to photograph one of my best friend's wedding in Phoenix, and all I can say is... HOLY. MOLY. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend! And their ceremony was beyond beautiful... just a perfect reflection of the Christ-centered love Nichole & Cody have for each other, and the love that surrounds them from family & friends. I couldn't have been more excited to stand by Nichole's side, and photograph these outrageously adorable newlyweds!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewkowski!


Engagement Story

What a WHIRLWIND of a month! My amazing boyfriend Tyler & I got engaged!! When you have a man as kind, loving, patient, & I mean I can't leave out handsome... kneeling in front of you asking you to spend the rest of your life as his wife--there's no second guessing about it! Tyler truly is the love of my life, and the fact that I get to call him my husband in just a short while gives me all kinds of good butterflies!

So... the juicy stuff... a few Saturdays ago we were planning on going to breakfast at one of our "places", and then spending the morning on Mt. Lemmon, with enough time to get back so my sister and I could treat my mom to some pre Mother's Day shopping, manicures, and lunch. 

I woke up with a suspicion of "what if it happened today"... But the way our day was planned it just didn't make sense, so I brushed it off and continued getting ready, waiting for my soon-to-be fiancé to pick me up so we could spend a lovely morning off together. About five minutes after he got to my house my dad texted Tyler saying that he needed help fixing the AC unit on our camper, and could he pop by for ten minutes to help hold it up. In my head I thought, "Weird. What if Tyler was working? What if we were already on the mountain? Why is he texting him and not calling me, since he probably knows we're together..." This is how my ridiculous brain works. Anything out of the ordinary and I've got a million red flags. So I responded to my dad saying that we'll be there in twenty. I then got a response saying, "I'm so sorry I didn't realize you guys had breakfast plans! You're mom is yelling at me to leave you guys alone! But I really appreciate it--see you soon." Red flags down, because that made sense... they know me too well.

So now, (because I'm a psycho planner) on the drive to my parents I'm trying to rework our morning plans, figuring Mt. Lemmon probably wouldn't work out since we won't have time. We pull up to the side of the house, not the front (my brain doesn't rest... "Why are we parked on the SIDE?!" Heaven forbid...). I planned on going straight inside to chat with my mom while the boys do "whatever", but instead Tyler leads me around back to their yard. 

When my sister and I were babies my parents planted two trees on either end of their lawn, one for each of us. They're huge now, and are so pretty in the summer. As we're walking up to "my" tree, I see a white bench hanging from the branches with potted flowers around it, and pillows and blankets on the swing. All of this is gorgeous, but I immediately spot a bird house in the tree above the swing and I knew what was happening.

When Tyler and I first started dating and I learned he was a wood worker (an amazing one at that), I told him he needed to build me a house since I was trying to find a place to move into that coming month. "You'd solve all my problems if you could just build me a house!" He asked if I could settle for a bird house. I "reluctantly" agreed, loving the idea about him building me anything, let alone a bird house (I LOVE them)! Since we've been dating I have yet to receive said bird house, and lovingly pester him about it all the time. So as SOON as I saw the bird house hanging from the tree I knew this was "it". 

Instead of quietly and gracefully soaking it all in, as we're walking over to the swing I'm shouting: "What is this?! What is that!? Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!" 

We walked around the tree in front of the swing, Tyler plucked my ring off the bird house's perch, got down on one knee, and went on telling me how much he loved me, and how he couldn't wait for me to be his wife, and asked if I would marry him. 

I OF COURSE said yes, and then just stood there hugging him; soaking it all in. After a minute or so he says, "Can I put this on you??" and placed on my finger the most gorgeous ring I've even seen in my life. Every girl has their "Wedding Board" on Pintrest (even the married ones) with a thousand "dream rings"--this one surpasses them ALL.

We sat down on the bench, basking in the excitement when all of a sudden I realize, no one is here! I mean we are at my parent's, and I know they helped pull this off (I'm quite difficult to surprise, if you couldn't tell). I ask, "Where is everyone?!" Tyler has no idea, he just knows my parents, sister and her husband are "somewhere" that's not here. So I called my mom and we're both just screaming into the phone, no words, just inaudible blubbering (we're Italian... and loud...). My family was just down the street, and came back over as fast as they could to celebrate!

The rest of our day was spent with my family, his family, calling friends, and being more happy than I've ever been!

I'm SO blessed that God has given me such a wonderful man to call my husband, it is something I thank Him for everyday.

On a daily basis I am blown away at how deeply Tyler loves me, and all he does to make me feel so incredibly loved.

Everyone has been so excited for us--I didn't want the weekend to end! All of our family and friend's love and congratulations mean the world to us! We just keep looking at each other saying, "You're my fiancé!! This is happening!!" It couldn't have been a more perfect day, and I am beyond excited to call this man my fiancé!

Also... can my mom get some major props for making this AMAZING "future Mrs. Antosh" mug that got featured on Style Me Pretty?! That woman is incredible, and there is no way I'd be at this point in my life with out either of my parents!

This has been such a fun filled month with the excitement of calling the man of my dreams my fiancé, doing a little wedding planning together, and enjoying the summer. God has blessed both of us immensely, and I can't wait to see the wonderful adventure He has in store for Tyler and I! 


Bella Sera Ranch Wedding, Texas

This wedding was beyond special for me. Kyal and I have known each other since we were born. He’s a month older, and I’ve always been a foot taller (until he sprouted like four feet in one summer…). I was so elated that I got to meet his bride a few months before the wedding when they came to Tucson for their engagement pictures. Of course I was going to the wedding, but the fact that I got to be apart of making their big day memorable is something I will always hold close to my heart. I am so thankful for life long friends like Kyal and his family, and am even more thankful he has found such an amazing woman to be his wife! Thank you guys for including me in your perfect day!